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    the spiders questions and answers

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    the spiders questions and answers

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    A) Questions & answers

    1-why did the four robbers switch off the lights and the engines of their cars?

    - Because they didn't want the archaeologists to see or hear them.

    2- What did the robbers see on the walls of the underground passage?
    - They saw paintings of ancient Egyptian gods آلهة and writing from 3,000 years ago.

    3- What was found in the two underground rooms?
    - The first room contained 5 ancient Egyptian mummies موميات. The second room was empty because the gold objects أشياء were sent to the museum in Cairo.

    4- Why did the four robbers break into يقتحم the underground tomb?
    - To steal the gold and treasures.

    5- What equipment معدات did the robbers use to see through walls?
    - They used Ground Penetrating Radar جهاز رادار يخترق الأرض and a computer.

    6- What was the oldest man’s plan to get the treasures?
    - It was to use GPR to see through the walls.

    7- Why don’t archaeologists use GPR very often?
    - Because it is expensive.

    8- Why did the four robbers bring radar equipment معدات with them?
    - To discover more rooms to get the gold and other treasures. كنوز

    9- What is Ground Penetrating Radar? How exactly does it work?
    - It is a kind of radar. It transmits ترسل radio waves موجات لاسلكية through the wall. When the waves hit تصطدم بـ something on the other side, they come back to it. The computer changes the radio waves into a picture.

    10- What did the robbers see when they entered the big passage?
    -They saw enormous spiders’ webs أنسجة عناكب ضخمة hanging تتدلى from the ceiling.

    11- How did the small man describe وصف the big passage?
    - He described it as an underground city, a city of dead people.

    12- Why did the robbers have to find what they wanted and get out before morning?
    - Because they didn’t want anybody to see them.

    13- What happened as soon as the oldest robber walked through the entrance مدخل of the hidden room?
    - A huge spider's web نسيج عنكبوت covered غطى his face, his body and his mouth and he couldn't speak.

    14- Why were the robbers excited when they went through the gold doors?
    - Because they found lots of treasures الكنوز in the room.

    15- Why did the big man shout, “Get them off me! أبعدوهم عنى”?
    - Because the spiders العناكب were biting him. تلدغهم

    16- What did the tall man do when the spiders bit لدغت the big man?
    - He took off خلع his jacket and hit ضرب the spiders with it.
    17- Why did the small man shout صاح ‘Let’s get out of here!’?
    - Because spiders were biting them تلدغهم.

    18- Why did the oldest man believe the spiders were not deadly قاتلة?
    Or: Why didn't the oldest man worry about يقلق على the spiders' bites?
    - Because he thought there aren’t any deadly spiders in modern Egypt.

    19- Do you think the black and yellow spiders are a known معروف species? Say why or why not?
    - No, because they have been underground for thousands of years and nobody knows about them.

    20- What did the four robbers die from?
    - They died from the spiders’ bites. لدغات العناكب

    21- Why did the robbers fail to steal the gold, although they used modern technology?
    - Because they were bitten لدغوا by the spiders found in the room.

    22- Where was the helicopter going? Why?
    - It was going to a transmitter جهاز إرسال in the desert to repair يصلح it.

    23- What did the pilot do when he saw the tall man’s body on the sand?
    - He brought the helicopter down. هبط بالطائرة

    24- In the pilot’s opinion رأى, what killed the four robbers?
    - The pilot thought that they got lost تاهوا and died of thirst.

    25- How did the engineer save the pilot’s life?
    - When the engineer asked the pilot to radio يتصل لاسلكيا the police, he left the car and went back to the plane. The pilot’s hands had been near the spiders before he moved away to the plane. The spiders could have bitten تلدغ and killed him.

    26- How did the police know about the dead men in the land cruisers?
    -The helicopter pilot radioed them and informed them أخبرهم about the Land Cruisers.

    27- What happened to the small spiders in the car? Why?
    - They died because of the heat of the sun. حرارة الشمس

    28- Why could the police officer not believe his eyes?
    - He was very surprised اندهش when he saw the gold and treasures in the boxes.

    29- Where do spiders usually live?
    - They usually live in tombs, under the ground, in safe آمنة, quiet, dark, wet رطبة places.

    30- What was Ayman’s favourite hobby? هواية محببة
    - It was the internet.

    31- What did Ayman use the internet for?
    - He used it for his studies دراساته and for making friends تكوين صداقات in other countries.

    32- What was Ayman’s main hobby? How did he make use of it in his life?
    - It was the internet. He used it for his university studies and for making friends in other countries.

    33- Why couldn’t the spider attack يهاجم Najat?
    - Because she moved away تحركت بعيدا when her mother called her. نادت عليها

    34- How was Nagat saved أنقذت from the spider’s attack هجوم?
    - Because her foot moved away تحركت بعيدا when her mother called her.

    35- Where and when did Ayman first see the spider?
    - He first saw it in the garden of his house when he was going shopping.

    36- Why was Ayman surprised اندهش when he saw the spider?
    - Because it was very big and fast. It was as big as an apple.

    37- Show that Ayman wasn’t afraid of the spider he had seen in the garden.
    - He was more interested than afraid. He went closer to the spider و اقترب من العنكبوت.

    38- Describe صف the spider Ayman saw in the garden of his house.
    - It was black with 2 yellow lines خطين on its back ظهره. It was as big as a small apple. It had 8 eyes and 8 legs. It had 2 long fangs نابين, each about a centimetre long.

    39- Why did the spider leave Ayman’s house?
    - Because it was full of مملوء بـ light نور and noise ضوضاء.

    40- Why did Ayman phone a student of zoology علم الحيوان?
    - To look up يبحث عن the spider in a book called “Spiders of North Africa”.

    41- How did Ayman get information about the spider he had seen?
    - He phoned اتصل بـ a friend who was a student of zoology علم الحيوان, and used the internet to get information about the spider.

    42- What do spiders use webs الشباك for?
    - They use webs for catching صيد flies الذباب and other insects حشرات.

    43- What is the World Wide Web like?
    - The World Wide Web is like a great library. The information in this library moves between بين thousands of computers around the world.

    44- What was the ancient Egyptian text نص translated by Dr Fakhry about?
    - It was about the story of some spiders that killed hundreds of people in ancient times.

    45- How did the people in the ancient Egyptian town fight the black and yellow spiders?
    - They burned حرقوا the town down hoping على أمل to kill all the spiders and then rebuild يعيدوا بناء the town.

    46- Explain why the townspeople in ancient Egypt gave up hope and left the town?
    - Because they failed to destroy all the spiders which found their way into underground tombs and passages in spite of بالرغم منburning down the town.

    47- According to حسب the story, how did the ancient town disappear?
    - The people burned the town down, hoping to kill all the spiders.

    48- In Dr Fakhry’s opinion رأى, what is another possible reason for the disappearance of the town?
    - The climate became drier, so the town perhaps disappeared under desert sand.
    49- Where did the spider find a suitable مناسب home?
    - It found it in a secret سرى place that is dark, quiet and safe, a place where nobody came to disturb يزعج it, and it was a place with plenty of مزيد من food.

    50- Why was the spider looking for a quiet and dark home?
    - To lay its eggs.

    51- What did the spider do when it laid its eggs?
    - It enclosed غلف them in four white silk sacs أكياس حرير and then began its long wait.

    52- What was the spider’s ’long wait’, do you think?
    - It was waiting for the eggs to become young spiders.

    60- Where did Dr Shereen Fakhry work?
    - She worked at the department of Egyptology قسم علم المصريات at Oxford University.

    61- What did the Egyptian archaeologist send يرسل to Dr Shereen Fakhry?
    - He sent her a very old picture of a black and yellow spider that was found in a tomb near Bawiti.

    62- What did Dr Shereen Fakhry remember تتذكر while waiting for the picture to appear تظهر on the computer screen الشاشة?
    - She remembered Ayman’s description وصف of the large spider he had seen.

    63- Why did Dr Shereen Fakhry feel ‘a cold shiver رعشة down the back of her neck’ رقبة?
    - Because the spider in the picture was like the spider Ayman had described.

    64- What did Ayman think of the old picture of the black and yellow spider?
    - He thought that it was the same as the spider he had seen.

    65- According to Dr Shereen Fakhry, how did the spider come to Hamdayya?
    - She thought that the spider came to Hamdayya from a tomb مقبرة near Bawiti.

    66- According to Ayman, how did the spider come to Hamdayya?
    - He thought that the spider came to Hamdayya with the boxes brought from the archaeological site موقع أثرى to the police station.

    67- Why did Ayman think that the killer spiders in ancient Egypt were not the same as مثل the spider he had seen?
    - Because there aren’t any deadly spiders in modern Egypt.

    68- Why did Dr Shereen think Ayman should tell the police about the spider he had seen?
    - Because she thought that the spider might be dangerous خطير.

    69- Why didn’t Ayman want to tell the police about the spider he had seen?
    - Because he thought that everyone would laugh at him يسخر منه.

    70- Why did Dr Shereen ask Ayman to photograph the spider if he saw it again?
    - Because she wanted to identify it.

    71- What was the 2,000-year-old text نص translated ترجم by the German Egyptologist أستاذ علم المصريات about?
    - It was about an ancient Egyptian medicine made from the root جذر of the echinacea negra plant نبات الحبة السوداء for the bite of the deadly قاتل black and yellow spider.
    72- What was the root جذر of echinacea negra used for?
    - It was used for treating علاج the bite of the deadly black and yellow spider.

    73- Why did Dr Fakhry think that the spiders in the German Egyptologist’s text were real?
    - Because they were in a medical text نص طبى.

    74- How did the internet play an important partلعب دورا هاما in the fight against the spiders?
    a) It helped Ayman to communicate with يتصل بـ Dr Shereen who helped him to identify يحدد نوع the female spider.
    b) It also helped him get information about the medical plant نبات طبى “echinacea negra الحبة السوداء” that saved Ayman’s life.

    75- Who was Susan Bennett?
    - She was a zoologist at Oxford University.

    76- Why did Dr Shereen Fakhry visit Susan Bennett?
    - So as to لكى help her identify تحدد نوع the spider.

    77- Why does the number of known species أنواع معروفة often go up يرتفع?
    - Because scientists often discover unknown species.

    78- What did Susan Bennett do to identify تحدد نوع the spider?
    - She put a CD in her computer. The six pictures of black and yellow spiders that appeared on the screen were not like the spider in the ancient picture from Egypt.

    79- What do you know about Malcolm Jones?
    - He is the head رئيس of the zoology department قسم علم الحيوان at Oxford University. He is a very famous arachnologist أستاذ العنكبوتيات. He has written books on spiders and other arachnids عنكبوتيات. He finds three or four unknown species أنواع every year on his trips to South Africa and South America.

    80- Why did Dr Shereen and Susan visit Malcolm Jones in his office?
    - They wanted him to help them identify يحدد نوع the spider because he is a very famous arachnologist أستاذ العنكبوتيات.

    81- Why was Professor Jones speaking angrily بغضب on the phone?
    - Because he had to cancel يلغى his trip to South America.

    82- What did Professor Malcolm Jones think of the spiders? Why?
    - He thought that spiders are very useful animals because they eat insects. If there were not any spiders, there would be more flies ذباب, mosquitoes بعوض and other pests افات. They are our friends.

    83- Why has nobody seen any of these spiders before?
    - They live in a remote يعيد part of the desert. They have never left that place because the desert around them was too hot and too dry جافة.

    84- According to Professor Jones, when did the deadly spiders come to our world again?
    - When people disturbed أزعجوهم them.

    85- Why was Professor Jones interested in the spider Ayman had seen?
    - Because it was unknown and very dangerous.
    86- Why was everyone in Hamdayya in danger خطر from those spiders?
    - Because they were unknown and very dangerous.

    87- How can hospitals treat تعالج spider bites لدغات العناكب?
    - Doctors can give an injection حقنة of antivenom مضادة للسموم.

    88- Why did Professor Jones think that the spider in Hamdayya was female أنثى?
    - Because it was very big and female spiders are usually bigger than males الذكور.

    89- What did Professor Jones warn of يحذر من?
    - He warned of حذر من the danger خطر that the whole world might face يواجه because spiders might spread تنتشر very quickly and in a very short time فى وقت قصير.

    90- Why is it likely that spiders will spread through Africa, Asia and Europe?
    - Because Egypt is the meeting point ملتقى of these three continents قارات.

    91- What must be done to stop منع the deadly قاتلة spiders from spreading through Africa, Asia and Europe?
    - The female spider that Ayman saw must be found before its eggs develop.

    92- Why did Malcolm Jones go to Hamdayya?
    - To identify يحدد the unknown species نوع غير معروف of spider that Ayman had seen.

    93- What’s the part دور played by Dr Shereen Fakhry in fighting مقاومة spiders?
    a) She advised Ayman to tell the police about the spiders.
    b) She translated ترجمت an old text نص about a town مدينة in ancient Egypt, which suffered عانت a lot from black and yellow spiders.
    c) She warned حذرت Ayman to be careful حريص concerning بخصوص the spiders.
    d) She consulted استشارت other scientists to give the correct information about the spiders.

    94- What do you know about Ayman’s uncle?
    - He is nice. He's a successful businessman. He knows a lot about business. He's always been good to عطوف على Ayman.

    95- What does Professor Jones think of the spider Ayman saw?
    - He thinks that it may be an unknown species. نوع غير معروف

    96- What was the opinion رأى of Ayman’s family about the story of the big spider Ayman had seen?
    - They thought that half of the story was true and the other half was Ayman's imagination. خيال

    97- Why do you think Ayman's sisters laughed about the spider?
    - Because they thought he had imagined تخيل some of his story about the spider.

    98- Why didn’t Ayman's uncle think he should tell the police about the spider?
    - He didn't want to worry يقلق people and business would lose يخسر money.

    99- What would happen to local business if people heard and believed Ayman’s story? Mention two results.
    Or: How would the stories about dangerous spiders affect the business in the town?
    - Local business would lose a lot of money. People wouldn't stay in the hotels. They wouldn’t eat at restaurants. They wouldn't buy food products. منتجات الطعام
    100- How did Ayman’s family find out يكتشف that he had already told other people about the spider.
    - Ayman showed them Dr Shereen’s e-mail.

    101- Ayman's parents and his uncle were shocked صدموا when they read Dr Shereen’s e-mail to Ayman. Give a reason.
    - Because they didn’t expect Ayman had told anyone about the spider.

    102- How was professor Jones feeling يشعر when he arrived?
    - He was excited about finding new species of spider.

    103- Why did Ayman feel that he was a fool مغفل?
    - Because the story of the dangerous spider would probably get into تتسرب إلى the newspapers. Business in the town would lose money. Everyone would be furious غضبان.

    104- What did Ayman wish يتمنى he had not done? Why?
    - He wished he had not told anybody about the black and yellow spider because business in the town would lose money and everyone would be furious. غضبان

    105- Why was the archaeological site dangerous?
    - Because all the archaeologists at the site died as the spiders killed them.

    106- Why did all the archaeologists at the site die?
    - Because the deadly spiders had bitten them. لدعتهم

    107- Why did the police go to the archaeological site?
    - To guard يحرس it as it was dangerous.

    108- Why did Uncle Walid make an urgent طارئة phone call to Colonel Mikhail?
    - To make sure that the story about the dangerous spiders was true.

    109- When did Ayman see the spider?
    - He saw it after the police had brought the boxes from the site.

    110- Where did the police get protective clothing?ملابس واقية
    - They got it from the Fire Department. قسم الحرائق

    111- When do the policemen use protective clothing?
    - They use it when they are fighting يقاومون chemical fires. حرائق كيميائية

    112- Why did the police need protective clothing?
    -To keep the spiders out. لكى يتجنبوا العناكب

    113- Why were the police in danger خطر from the spiders?
    - Because there was no antivenom مضاد للسموم for the spiders.

    114- What did Colonel Mikhail ask Professor Jones and Ayman to do?
    - He asked Professor Jones to find a spider and identify يحدد نوع it. He asked Ayman to tell them whether عما إذا it was the same as the spider he had seen.

    115- Why did Colonel Mikhail hope يأمل the spiders were a known species?
    - Because there would be antivenom. مضاد للسموم

    116- Who wanted to know everything about spiders? Why?
    - Captain Ahmed. To be able to fight them.

    117- How is antivenom made?
    - Scientists put small quantities كميات of venom into animals, usually horses or sheep, and then the animals make antibodiesأجسام مضادة to fightيقاوم the venomالسم . Scientists can then extractيستخلص the antibodies from the animals.

    118- Why does it take a long time to develop a new antivenom?
    - Because it must be made safe to use.

    119- What do you know about echinacea negra?
    - It is a plant that is almost extinct منقرضand only grows in Sinai. The ancient Egyptians made a medicine from its roots for the bites of deadly spiders.

    120- How did the ancient Egyptians make a medicine for the bites of black and yellow spiders that killed?
    - They made it from the roots of a plant called echinacea negra.

    121- What was Wafaa Sultan?
    - She was a botanist at Cairo University.

    122- Why did the police send Wafaa to Sinai?
    - To get some of the echinacea negra plant.

    123- Why had a fence been built around the site?
    - To keep robbers out.

    124- What equipment did the officers take with them when they went to the archaeological site?
    - They took protective clothing, tanks of insecticide, fencing wire, big lights, weapons, tools and building materials.

    125- What equipment did Professor Jones bring to the archaeological site?
    - He brought some metal tubes, a white sheet and a smoker.

    126- Why did Ayman and the officers wear protective clothes when they entered the tomb?
    - To protect themselves from the deadly spiders and the insecticides.

    127- Where did Professor Jones put his equipment?
    - He put it in a place where many large webs hung from the ceiling.

    128- What did Professor Jones use the smoker for?
    - He used it for pouring out hot poisonous smoke to kill the spiders.

    129- What happened when Professor Jones switched on the smoker?
    - About twenty small insects and spiders fell onto the sheet.

    130- How did Professor Jones examine the spiders?
    - He examined them with a magnifying glass.

    131- What happened to the officer attacked by the female spider?
    - He was coughing badly as he breathed in some insecticide.

    132- How did the police officers try to kill the large female spider?
    - They tried to kill it by using insecticide sprays.

    133- Why do you think the large black and yellow spider didn’t die?
    - Because it was stronger than the others.

    134- How did the police know that the spider had not bitten the young officer’s face?
    - There was no blood on his face.

    135- How did Professor Jones make sure that the female spider was not a known species?
    - Before he left Oxford, he searched the database of all known species of black and yellow spiders and found no spider like it.

    136- Why did Captain Ahmed want to destroy the deadly spiders?
    - Because ten people had already died from their bites and he wanted to prevent more deaths.

    137- Why didn’t Professor Jones want to destroy the deadly spiders?
    - Because it was a great scientific discovery.

    138- Why did the men kill the spiders underground in the tomb?
    - To collect antivenom without letting the spiders escape.

    139- Why did Professor Jones say to Captain Ahmed that it is impossible to destroy all the spiders?
    Or: Why would it be difficult to kill all the spiders?
    - Because the spiders lived under the ground and they didn’t know where all the underground rooms and passages were. In addition, the archaeological site would be damaged.

    140- What orders did Captain Ahmed give to the officers before leaving the site?
    - He ordered them not to let anybody come near the site and not to let anything leave it without a careful search.

    141- Why did Captain Ahmed give orders to stop anybody from coming near the site or leave with search?
    - Because the female spider was not killed yet and it escaped. And he wanted to protect the site from robbers.

    142- What did the police do with the dead spiders at the archaeological site?
    - They sent their venom sacs to an antivenom lab so that scientists would work on an antivenom.

    143- Why did the police build a barrier حاجز across the road?
    - To prevent تمنع cars from entering or leaving the town.

    144- Why do you think the police wanted no one to leave Hamdayya?
    - Because they didn’t want to take a spider out of the town.

    145- Why were the streets near the police station emptyخالية?
    - Because every one had left that part of the town so that the police could search يفتش that area المنطقة to find the female spider Ayman had seen..

    146- Why did extra إضافيين officers come to Hamdayya?
    - To take part in يشارك فى searching for the spider.
    147- What did Colonel Mikhail ask Ayman to do ?
    - He asked him to show يوضح the officers where he had seen the large female spider go.

    148- Why did Colonel Mikhail order أمر stronger protective suits? بدل واقية أقوى
    - Because the first ones were not strong enough to keep the spiders out.

    149- Why did Professor Jones think that there was only one female spider in Hamdayya?
    - Because only Ayman reported بلغ seeing a big spider.

    150- Why did Professor Jones think it was unlikely غير محتمل that there were any smaller male spiders in Hamdayya?
    - Because no one had been bitten. لدغ

    151- Why is the female spider much more dangerous than any male one?
    - Its bite is stronger. Its venom is too strong. It has a nest. It may produce 2,000 eggs.

    152- According to the Colonel, what was the most urgent task مهمة عاجلة? Why?
    - It was to find the female spider’s nest because it might produce 2,000 eggs in a very short time. فى فترة قصيرة

    153- Where do spiders like to build their nests?
    - They build them in safe آمن, quiet هادئ, dark مظلم, wet رطب places.

    154- Where did the female spider build its nest?
    - It built it in the empty house المنزل الخالى next to المجاور لـ Ayman’s house.

    155- Where did Ayman see the female spider go?
    - He saw it go to the empty house next to his house.

    156- Why did the female spider rest استراح?
    - Because it finished its job and its 2,000 eggs hatched. فقست

    157- What did the thousands of small black spiders look like تشبه when the officers opened the door?
    - They looked like waves on the sea. كانت تشبه أمواج البحر

    158- When did the spiders attack هاجمت the officers?
    - They attacked them when they began to sprayيرشthe insecticide into the room.

    159- Why could the police officers hardly see?
    - Because the spiders covered their face masks.

    160- How did the police officers try to kill the large female spider?
    - They sprayed insecticide. Captain Ahmed knocked it to the ground and another officer brought his insecticide tank on the spider whose leg was caught. The spider cut its leg with its fangs and escaped.

    161- What did the officer hope يأمل to do with his insecticide tank?
    - He hoped to kill the large female spider.

    162- What did the large female spider use its fangs أنياب for?
    - It used its fangs for cutting قطع its own leg to escape.

    163- What did the female spider do when its leg was caught?
    - It used its fangs and cut through its own leg.
    164- What did the female spider do when it cut its leg?
    - It jumped and landed on Ayman’s face.

    165- What happened to Ayman when the female spider landed هبط on his face?
    - The surprise knocked him off balance المفاجأة جعلته يفقد التوازن and fell to the ground. His suit was torn تمزقت. The spiders bit him again and again.

    166- Why were the spiders able to bite Ayman?
    - Because his suit was torn.

    167- What did Captain Ahmed order his men to do after killing all the spiders in the house?
    - He asked them to spray the whole house and the surrounding area المنطقة المحيطة.

    168- Why must the officers find the spider’s body?
    -They must be sure يتأكدوا that it is dead.

    169- What did Colonel Mikhail say when Captain Ahmed asked him about the situation in Sinai?
    - He said that they had found some echinacea negra plants and the cars were on their way back. A helicopter would pick up تحضر Wafaa Sultan and the plants.

    170- Which spiders might echinacea negra work for?
    - It might work for the bites of males الذكور and young spiders.

    171- What might save ينقذ Ayman?
    - The medicine from the plants might save Ayman.

    172- Why couldn’t Wafaa Sultan take the helicopter back with the Echinacea Negra plants?
    - Because there was a bad storm عاصفة سيئة.

    173- Why was the echinacea negra medicine delayed? تأخر
    - Because there was a storm and the helicopter couldn’t get to the cars in Sinai.

    174- What were the signs of bad weather over the mountains in Sinai?
    - Dark clouds, strong storm, heavy rain, lightning برق and thunder رعد.

    175- What did the team that had collected the echinacra negra consist of?
    - It consisted of 3 cars. Captain Osama, Wafaa Sultan, and Farouk were in the first car. Two officers were in the second car. Two other officers and the plants were in the third car.

    176- Why couldn’t the cars speed up تسرع?
    Or: Why did the three cars move slowly?
    - So as not to slide ينزلقوا on the stony ground. الأرض الصخرية

    177- Why did Captain Osama switch on the car’s headlights أنوار السيارة?
    - Because it was dark during the storm عاصفة.

    178- Why was the road down the mountains very dangerous?
    - Because it was narrow and steep.

    179- What do you think would happen if the road disappeared?
    - It would be impossible for them to drive down the mountain.
    180- The road was not their only problem. What was the other problem?
    - The wadis were flooded with water.

    181- What difficulties صعوبات did Wafaa and the officers face in Sinai?
    - It was raining heavily تمطر بغزارة. The wadis were flooded with مغمورة بـ water. The road was narrow ضيق and steep منحدر.

    182- What would happen if Wafaa and the officers couldn’t get to the wadis before they flooded?
    - They might not be able to cross them.

    183- Why did Wafaa and the officers have to get through عبروا with the plants?
    - Because they had a young man’s life in their hands.

    184- Why did Captain Osama drive very fast after crossing the second wadi?
    - In order to reach Ayman in time.
    - In order to get across يعبروا the third wadi before it would be too deep in the water.

    185- How did the heavy car manage toتمكنوا من cross the third wadi safely?
    - Captain Osama put the car into a low gear ناقل الحركة and moved forward للأمام slowly into the water.

    186- What happened to the three cars while crossing the third wadi?
    - The first car crossed safely. بأمان
    - The second car crashed into اصطدمت بـ some rocks and rolled over تدحرجت. Then it got stuck انحشرت between two big rocks.
    - A palm tree smashed into اصطدمت بـ the third car, which rolled up تدحرجت on one side and then sank غاصت heavily down again.

    187- Why didn’t the two officers try to swim when the second car turned over?
    - There were sharp rocks صخور حادة all around, which would cut them to pieces تقطعهم if they tried to swim.

    188- Why did Farouk cup his hands ضم كفيه to shout at the third car?
    - Because he wanted it to hurry.

    189- Why did captain Osama say the third car must be kept heavy?
    - So that the water wouldn’t carry it away.

    190- Why was Wafaa afraid of losing the third car?
    - Because it contained the echinacea negra plant.

    191- What did Captain Osama and Farouk use the towrope الحبل القاطر for?
    - For pulling the third car to land

    192- What did captain Osama ask Wafaa to do if she saw a tree coming?
    - He asked her to press تضغط على the horn النفير if she saw a tree coming.

    193- What was Wafaa’s duty واجب when the water carried the men away?
    - It was to rescue the echinacea negra plants to save Ayman’s life.

    194- How was Wafaa Sultan brave شجاعة?
    - Despite the dangers of storm and flooding water in the wadis, she insisted onأصرت على getting the plant “echinacea negra” to save Ayman’s life.

    195- How could Wafaa carry the plants back to the captain’s car?
    - She got into the captain’s car and pulled the third car out of the water. She climbed onto the third car, opened the door, and carried the plants back to the captain's car.

    196- How did Wafaa feel as she was driving through the storm?
    - She felt completely alone. The loud noise of the rain terrified her أخافتها. She was afraid the glass of the windscreen زجاج السيارة الأمامى would break.

    197- How did Wafaa fight حاربت her fear when she was driving back through the storm?
    - She told herself again and again that she had a young man’s life in her hands.

    198- Why was Ayman still in the intensive care العناية المركزة?
    - Because his breathing stopped around حوالى 1 a.m.

    199- How was Ayman kept alive when his breathing التنفس stopped?
    - He was kept alive on a ventilator. التنفس الصناعى

    200- What happened to the men who were with Wafaa Sultan?
    - They were washed down a wadi, but they managed to get onto a rocky island.

    201- What did the doctors do with the plants?
    - They made a medicine from the plants.

    202- Why could Ayman breathe يتنفس normally طبيعيا again?
    - Because he took the medicine made from the roots of the echinacea negra plant.

    203- How did “Science and nature” help to save Ayman’s life?
    - Nature helped Ayman through من خلال the natural plant “Echinacea Negra” which Wafaa Sultan gave to doctors.
    - Medicine was made from that plant and was given to Ayman.

    204- Why did the police have to keep يستمر فى looking for the spider?
    - Because they thought it might still be alive.

    205- Why was everyone talking about Ayman?
    - Because he saved hundreds of lives.

    206- What would have happened if Ayman hadn’t warned حذرthe police?
    - There would have been thousands of killer spiders in Hamdayya.

    207- How did Professor Jones express عبر عن his admiration إعجاب for Ayman?
    - He offered قدم him a camera as a “Thank you” and said he could study at Oxford University if he wanted.

    208- Why wouldn’t Ayman have to worry about getting a good job?
    - Because the best employers أصحاب العمل would want a man like him.

    209- Why did Ayman ‘feel like a new person with a new future’?
    - Because he had an offer عرض to study at Oxford University and the best employers would want to employ a man like him.

    210- What would happen if people disturbed the spiders?
    - The spiders would hurt them.

    211- According to Ayman, how did the female spider come to the hospital?
    - It came in the ambulance سيارة إسعاف that brought him there.

    212- Why didn’t Ayman tell his sister that the spider was behind her?
    - If he had told her, she would have moved and the spider would have bitten her.

    213- How did Ayman save his sister?
    Or: How did Ayman catch اصطاد the deadly 7-legged female spider?
    - When he saw the spider near his sister’s shoulder كتف, he asked her to keep still for taking a photo; the flash blinded أعمى the spider. Ayman knocked ضرب it into the aluminum box of the camera, which he quickly shut أغلق.

    214- What would have happened if the spider had bitten Lamia?
    - She would have died.

    215- Everyone congratulated هنأ Ayman but the congratulations التهانى suddenly stopped. Explain.
    - Everyone congratulated Ayman because he caught the female spider but the congratulations suddenly stopped when they saw two bright red marks علامات on his hands where the deadly female spider had bitten him.

    216- How did the minister describe Ayman Hassan?
    - He described him as 'a brave young man who was ready to give his life to save others.

    217- Why was Ayman expected to die from the bite of the female spider?
    - Because there was no medicine for the bite of the female spider.

    218- Why was everyone surprised that Ayman didn’t die from the deadly female spider’s bite?
    - Because they knew that there was no medicine (antivenom) for the bite of the female spider. The four robbers had died of the spiders’ bites.

    219- What had Ayman’s body already made when the female spider bit him?
    - It had already made antivenom when the female spider bit him.

    220- Why didn’t the bites of the female spider kill Ayman?
    - Because when Ayman was bitten لدغ the first time, his body produced أنتج a lot of antivenom مضاد للسموم which protected حماه him the second time.

    221- Why was Ayman rewarded كوفئ by showing عرض his photo on television?
    - Because he was a brave young man who was ready to give his life to save others.

    222- Why do you think the reporter described Ayman as ‘the most popular شهرة young man in Egypt today’?
    - Because everyone was talking about him in the newspapers and on television.

    223- Give some examples of Ayman’s bravery شجاعة and intelligence ذكاء in the search for البحث عن the female spider.
    a) He used his camera flash وميض to blind يعمى and catch the female spider.
    b) He knocked ضرب the female spider into the aluminum case صندوق of his camera.
    c) He ran forward to help the officer who was attacked by the black and yellow spiders.
    d) He was the leader in starting the search for the deadly black and yellow spiders.

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